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On this influencer industry podcast, your hosts, Devin Cash encourage entrepreneurs and influencers to share their journeys and expertise.

We cover topics like business challenges, leadership, marketing, and of course, your impact and how it has shaped the person you are today. We’ll also let our guests share on the subjects they’re well-known for. No matter the topic, you’ll be hearing real stories from real people.

We believe that every individual has a unique and powerful message that can positively impact the world. If you’d like to be featured on this show, apply here.

With your Host,
Devin Cash

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Case Study #1
Dr. Paul Jenkins
Positivity Mentor and Trainer
  •  From 235 to 41,325 subscribers in 12 months
  •  8,000 average daily views  
  •  It's a Lead Generating MACHINE  
  •  Paul films once per month - Be the HERO Studios does all the rest (editing videos, adding on-screen captions, subtitles, tagging, and publishing to YouTube)
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Specialty Topics:
Web Site SEO is Dead. Drive Traffic with YouTube Videos Instead!
Maximize Your Time: Batch Video Creation + Outsourcing